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MARATHON K-38 Saeyang (30 000rpm)

Portable drill machine MARATHON K-38 maximum speed 30,000 rpm. Professional device for manicure, pedicure and nail correction. Speed ​​- 30,000 rpm. There is a reverse function and automatic overheating protection. Rheostat pedal for precise speed control. The speed can also be adjusted from the table control. Quiet engine operation.
technical data:
- digital speedometer display
-battery charging 4.5h
- smooth speed control in the range of 0-30 thousand revolutions.
- built-in 1800 mA Li-ION battery, which ensures continuous operation from 4 to 8 hours without external power supply
- cutter diameter 2.32 mm
- total power 100 W
- torque 2.7 Ncm
- power supply 110-220 V / 50-60 Hz
- foot control pedal and table control

To make the milling machine last longer, we recommend:
1.Do not switch on the reverse function while the cutter is running
2.Dust the cutter and prevent the handle from dusting.
3. Do not close the handle when the cutter is switched off.
4.Protect the handle from shocks.
5. We recommend that you choose the optimum torque for your work so that the cutter lasts longer.
WARRANTY - 1 year for control unit, 6 months for handle.
EP7010 (2011158-76DP5)